Use Your Apparel To Start Conversations About
Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is subject that often receives social stigma, even though a large portion of the population suffers from it every day. If you have ever dealt with it, you can understand just how difficult it can be to talk about, as you don’t want others to look at you a certain way for simply going through something you can’t control. We at River Oaks Collection wish to use our motivational t-shirts to start conversations about mental health awareness, and we hope you can support our cause!

The Message

The messages found on our motivational t-shirts for everyday use support a variety of things. We have made it our mission to prioritize mental health, as River Oaks Collection believes this theme should be top of mind. This clothing will help keep the purpose of this subject out within the world, as others will see it and begin to think of its overall importance.

Giving Others The Confidence To Support

When it comes to stigmatized topics, it can be challenging for individuals to have the confidence to support them. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where others are constantly judged for what they believe in. By spreading the message of mental health, you can help motivate those individuals who are too afraid to do it themselves, to realize that they shouldn’t be embarrassed!

Give Those Suffering Support

Mental health is a struggle where people often suffer in silence. The subject matter can be challenging to talk about, as it can leave you vulnerable. By simply wearing clothing that supports this cause, you can let those suffering know that they have allies they can talk to if need be!

Inform Others

Often, some people might not support a cause simply because they know nothing about it. Helping spread awareness through your clothing can lead these individuals to educate themselves on the topic, hopefully establishing their support for it as well!

We at River Oaks Collection want you to know that we support Mental Health Awareness. If you are suffering from this, take advantage of our online therapy! Check out our website and shop now if you simply want to help others!

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