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River Oaks Collection has a huge selection of comfortable and stylish t-shirts that spread positivity and inspiration to everyone you encounter. We are a brand focused on just that — spreading love and light to as many people as possible through our apparel. Our t-shirts are made with high-quality, comfortable materials with a variety of inspirational quotes, phrases, and messages. Be sure to browse the entire t-shirt collection from River Oaks Collection and choose your favorites for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones when you shop today.

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Who We Are at River Oaks Collection

The River Oaks Collection was founded in 2020 by founder and Mental Health Therapist, Lauren Presutti, with the goal of spreading positivity, light, and love throughout a world that has been experiencing extremely difficult times. Our t-shirts serve as a way to encourage self-love, kindness, and mental health awareness throughout communities all over the United States and beyond. We aim to make the world a better place, one article of clothing at a time.

About Our Founder

River Oaks Collection founder, Lauren Presutti, understands first-hand how being “different” can lead to loneliness, judgment from others, and feeling misunderstood. Lauren was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of two and has been using a wheelchair since she was five years old. As Lauren began her career as a Mental Health Therapist, her passion for empowering others and spreading positivity and inspiration grew. The River Oaks Collection is her clothing line that branches out from River Oaks Psychology, her company that provides online therapy to couples, individuals, families, teens, and kids.

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There’s a message for everyone here at River Oaks Collection. Be sure to check out all of our t-shirts and inspirational messages below, because you matter, and it’s important to treat yourself!

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