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The River Oaks Collection has a huge selection of comfortable and stylish t-shirts that spread positivity and inspiration to everyone you encounter. We are a brand focused on just that — spreading love and light to as many people as possible through our apparel and accessories. Our t-shirts are made with high-quality, comfortable materials with a variety of inspirational quotes, phrases, and messages. Be sure to browse our entire t-shirt collection and choose your favorites for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones when you shop today.

10 Reasons to Shop at River Oaks

  1. Celebrate what you believe in with our designs
  2. Promote positivity and empowerment 
  3. Feel great in our high-quality apparel
  4. Own something truly unique not found in stores
  5. Support our founder Lauren, a mental health therapist 
  6. Inspire someone else to be positive with you
  7. Start conversations about mental health awareness
  8. Be an ally for minorities with our minority-inspired items
  9. Upgrade your wardrobe with cute, creative pieces
  10. Own something that reminds you to prioritize your wellness

About Us

The River Oaks Collection was founded in 2020 by founder and Mental Health Therapist, Lauren Presutti, with the goal of spreading positivity, light, and love throughout a world that has been experiencing extremely difficult times. Our t-shirts serve as a way to encourage self-love, kindness, and mental health awareness throughout communities all over the United States and beyond. We aim to make the world a better place, one article of clothing at a time.

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