About the Founder

Our founder Lauren Presutti believes people become empowered when they feel seen, heard, valued, and emotionally connected to another human.

She understands that for many people, it can be hard to find those spaces in the world where we feel like we truly belong. Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at age 2 and using a wheelchair since she was 5 years old, Lauren understands firsthand how “being different” can sometimes lead to social judgment, loneliness, or feeling misunderstood. Lauren can barely move her muscles but sitting on the sidelines was never an option for her. She fiercely ignored social expectations and misguided stereotypes about her limitations. Instead, Lauren blazed trails and focused on defining her own life. But she was also acutely aware of social inequalities and judgment that make life harder for ALL people who feel disempowered in some way, shape, or form.

Upon finding her soul-enriching purpose as a Mental Health Therapist, it became Lauren’s mission to recognize those who are not living their most empowered lives – including those who struggle with self-confidence, overwhelming stress, unfair circumstances, broken relationships, mental health struggles, trauma, grief, unachieved dreams, chronic discouragement, abuse, a medical condition, minority oppression, loneliness, or any other factor limiting a person’s true potential. Aligned with her core beliefs grounded in self-expression, Lauren recognizes that we all have a story and we all deserve to be heard.

Determined to build something where people never have to feel alone, she created River Oaks Psychology, her company that provides online therapy so people can access support from any location. But Lauren wanted to have a larger impact beyond therapy sessions. She dreamed of creating a product line inspired by empowerment, kindness, self-care, and mental health awareness so that as many people as possible could embody these themes. Lauren realized that her passion for deep connections and belongingness could be expanded from therapy sessions to clothing and accessories that people use every day. She created the River Oaks Collection to spread positive ideas and inspiring messages worldwide so that people everywhere can unlock their potential and become stronger expressions of their true selves.

Self-expression, belongingness, kindness, empowerment, authenticity, and mental health awareness are the themes grounded in who Lauren is as a therapist and designer, but also a person, friend, daughter, sister, advocate, and leader. Lauren enjoys building connections and invites you to email her at lauren@riveroakscollection.com for meaningful engagement.

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