About the Collection

The River Oaks Collection was founded with one goal in mind: spread uplifting, empowering messages throughout the world. Established in 2020, in the heart of a pandemic, we know just how difficult everyday life can get sometimes. But through empowerment, resiliency, and self-care, you can make it through all those tough moments.

Our brand is inspired by self-love and kindness, with a special emphasis on mental health awareness. Our founder, Lauren Presutti, is a licensed Mental Health Therapist and psychology practice owner. She knows exactly how unforgiving and harsh the world can be at times. She also knows that positive support and self-motivation are key to keeping your head up and progressing forward, rather than falling into the shadows. Lauren wants to help you avoid the dark places and instead bask in the light of living.

That’s why we aim to make the world a more positive place overall. We’re completing parts of this mission every day, one design, one style, and one person at a time. We’d love to share our mission and dream for a better world with you and hope one of our empowering products speaks to you. We have plenty of uplifting items complete with all the clever jokes, cute critters, motivational quotes, and general guidance to help bring some joy to you and those around you.

So, enough about us. It’s time to start focusing on YOU. Browse our products and find the perfect item to add to your everyday collection. Also, if you find yourself in one of those dark places and need a light to find your way out, please visit our partner company, River Oaks Psychology, for safe, supportive, secure online therapy services.

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